Providing Excellent Cut and Sew Services


A unique aspect of Complete Converting, Inc. is our ability to produce virtually any cut and sewn project. As a custom shop, our flexibility offers customers a wide range of options. Our Eastman automated cutting machine handles single or multi layer cutting with great attention to detail and speed.

In addition to developing and producing covers, our designers travel to manufacturing plants to custom design protective padding for individual work cells and machinery.

A part of the Complete Converting, Inc. success story has been centered on our recycling and rework program. We offer rework and repair service of fascia covers.

Fascia Covers

Our designers work with customers to develop Work in Process (WIP) covers, Fascia Shipping covers, and nylon bags. We offer a wide variety of colors and materials to suit your specific needs. Fascia Covers may be constructed from Dupont Tyvek 2473L, Freudenberg Evolon or a multitude of other available woven and non-woven packaging materials.

Protective Packaging Products

We provide our customers with fabric dunnage solutions for their material handling needs and product protection. Protective covers are placed, laid, or spread over an object with the sole purpose of protecting it from outer elements or collision.

Custom Padding

Complete Converting, Inc. creates custom sewn items to prevent or eliminate part damage. We offer a variety of solutions for your material handling concerns.

Safety Products / PPE

Complete Converting, Inc. offers a wide variety of safety products including aprons, ring guards, watch protectors, tool holsters and non-medical face masks.

We work with our customers to custom design returnable packaging made from a variety of materials selected to provide the best protection at the most affordable pricing.

Industrial Sewing - Vinyl Curtains and Sewn Edge on Plastic Corrugated

We offer heavy-duty sewing of materials in an assembly style production setting including vinyl rack curtains and sewn edging on plastic corrugated.